Teaching Boys Right and Wrong

Spend 15 minutes to reinforce what is right and what is wrong. Here is how.

DSC_3622Teaching boys the difference between right and wrong can sometimes be a challenge. But all of us know a man whose understanding of right and wrong is very immature. Wanting to raise a mature man requires we spend some time to help our sons see the clear difference between what is right and what is wrong. One of the ways my wife and I would teach our children was through watching a movie together and then discussing the movie afterwards.

As many of you know I am not a fan of increasing a boy’s screen time, however some screen time will not hurt and especially if you are going to watch a film together with your son.

The following is an independent film that runs only 12 minutes and can be watched on YouTube. It is cleverly written and would be great for an elementary and early middle school boy to watch and discuss together with his parent. The film presents a boy in a tricky situation.

A Pickle:

Here are some questions to discuss after watching this film.

  • Why is the film called “A Pickle?” [Charlie found himself in a pickle and eventually uses a deception similar to a baseball distraction pickle to get the ball back for Mack]
  • What type of a pickle did Charlie find himself in?
  • It can be hard to stand up to bullies as our stories shows. What are some ways Charlie could have avoided the trouble he found himself in?
  • Mr. Mack is nice to Charlie. Why do you think he is nice?
  • Why do you think Mr. Mack does not give Charlie a chance to explain that he was being bullied?
  • Why does Charlie want to get the ball back for Mr. Mack? Do you think Charlie would have done the right thing if Mr. Mack was mean rather than kind to Charlie? If someone is kind or mean, does that change what is the “right” thing to do?
  • The story is “cute” with a clever ending, but what do you think Charlie should have done? If you cheat a thief, does that make it right?
  • Why do you think Charlie does not ask his parents for help? What would you do?
  • Why do you think Mr. Mack lets Charlie keep the ball?
  • Have you found yourself in a situation similar to Charlie’s trouble?

It is important for a boy to clearly understand right and wrong before he becomes a man. Investing some time in your son to shape his understanding of right and wrong is valuable work. When you are done, you may want to have a conversation about baseball or go out and play some catch.

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