Indestructible Log Blocks For Sensory Monsters

Let’s be honest. I love all 4 of my children, but one in particular, though all of them at some point, was a compacting crusher machine who regularly turned toys into pancake messes. (In all fairness, my mother told me over and over that I was THAT child.) So my wife and I were always on the hunt for toys that were nearly indestructible. And now with 6 wonderful grandchildren, who are my descendants complete with some of my tendencies, the indestructible toy search continues.

Before daughter #4’s wedding I wanted to make a small outside play area for my 6 grandchildren ages 6 to 1. A few of which have clearly inherited the compacting crusher gene. So before they arrived I set up a play area complete with log blocks created just for this occasion. I am happy to report not one single block fell victim to compacting crusher syndrome. They all survived and were a big hit. (With both the boys and girls!)

Typical of blocks, you can see that the older the child, the more sophisticated the play. My 5 year old grandson added some firewood he found nearby and the bucket we used to hold the blocks. He even made a “drum” with the blocks and the bucket lid. My one year old grandson loved to play “boomy” and knock down the towers he built. Smacking them down, stepping on them, running over them – there were no fears of destroying or ruining an expensive toy! Because these were free to make.





I wish I could say this was a hard and complicated project. But it was not. I simply found some branches that I felt the diameters were a size my grandchildren could hold in their hand. I then made a series of “logs” between two and six inches long, being as careful as I could to make the cuts perpendicular to the branch so they could stack well. Then threw the blocks into a bucket. Really, it was that simple. I suppose if you really wanted you can get one year seasoned hardwood, cut it perfectly, sand then apply varnish or stain. But then if you want to go through all that trouble to make them look beautiful, I suspect you don’t have a crushing compactor for a child.

So if you have a sensory monster who regularly resembles a compacting crusher, give these blocks a try!

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Do you have a Sensory Crushing Compactor Machine for a child? Here are some simple blocks even your Sensory Monster can't destroy!



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