Note: We welcome Julie Anne Taylor. Pastor’s wife, mother of two boys and daughter of Mark and Ellen Strohm.

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Tiny Taylor boys fill my days. Potty training, diaper changing, toddler babble interpreting, grocery shopping, meal prepping, clean up, and loads of snuggles. I know these days are precious and fleeting and I am trying to soak up every moment I can.  A one-year-old and a three-year-old make my days long and my nights far too short. My days start off with a ton of coffee and end with a sigh of victory when my boys are finally asleep. I am beyond grateful for my husband who is always doing this with me, side by side. (Bragging moment: He washed AND folded all of our laundry today… and changed a dirty diaper I discovered first…I found a winner!)

So, why on earth am I blogging? Why not, honestly. It gives me something to focus on outside of this toddler world I find myself immersed in. I am a very inconsistent person and trying to stick to something rarely happens for me, because something shiny or interesting or new pops up and I wander away.  In all honesty, I have started this blog post about a dozen times and walked away from it because I got distracted. Here’s hoping I stick to it, folks.

  • New Years is almost here and for the first time ever, I have resolutions.
  • Get in shape and lose weight (I weigh what I did at 35 wks preggo with #1).
  • Stick to a cash only budget and leave my cards at home so we can cut down on student loan debt.
  • Make healthy homemade every night and only eat out or “easy” on occasion. (And figure out my InstantPot)
  • Have an amazing 30th birthday party.

How about you? Anyone have any resolutions they want to share with me? Want to journey through this year together to be better wives, moms, and people? Then join in and let’s journey together.

Note: We look forward to hearing more from Boy Mom, and unconventional communicator, Julie Anne Taylor!

Julie Taylor

Julie Taylor

Julie is a full-time wife to a pastor and mom of 2 rambunctious boys. She studied ministry in college and is a licensed minister. She may have her hands full, but she is taking life one day at a time and soaking up every moment.
Julie Taylor

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