Valentine’s Day Is For Boys Too

Happy Valentine’s Day! In honor of the All Boy Life, I thought I’d share some of what our family of boys has been up to! Just because Valentine’s Day is mostly themed with pink and red hearts doesn’t mean the boys can’t have a little boy-ish fun!

The first thing we made are some printable valentines cards. We found these great Star Wars ones! I liked these because they were cute and very simple. Basically, it was just print, cut, and tape! I had a slight run in with a stubborn and demanding printer who insisted I replace the ink cartridge and the paper and demanded world peace, but besides that it was super easy to pull off! The boys really enjoyed putting a pixie stick as a light saber and sneaking a few for themselves in the process. They will hand these out to their classes at church and school…we made lots!

The next Valentine’s Day idea we had was to make Valentine’s Day trail mix. My guys just got back from a really run camping trip with their dad and grandfather, and maybe I had camp on the brain, but this one was just plain simple and fun! And it doubled as a snack to hold us all off till dinner! We set out bowls with cashews, peanuts, dried cranberries, and chocolate chips, and to make it an extra Valentine treat we used chocolate covered raisins, and pink mini marshmallows. It wasn’t until we had finished that I remembered I bought heart-shaped frosted pretzels for this, too! Blame the mom brain, but darn it we went back and added those special little heart pretzels and even took a photo! I will say that pulling them out at the last minute scored me big points in the winning column for such a fun surprise! I think they think I did that on purpose. They were happy campers–pun intended!

For our final Valentine’s Day activity of the day, we decided to make some cards for the man we love–daddy! The cards were pretty basic, made with cut out hearts on construction paper, but they were made with lots of love. They drew special pictures for their dad, and we added some great heart-shaped scriptures about love.

I found a great free printable for this, too! ( My favorite part about this one was letting my oldest read the verses out loud while we talked about what each one meant. It was a great time of reflecting on what love is…what does it mean…how can we show love…the love of Jesus. The little wrap up at the end and our sweet little scripture study with my littles gave me all the warm-hearted feels. Not to mention seeing their little hands put so much time and effort into a special card for their dad. 😊

I hope you all have a wonderful and sweet Valentine’s Day with the people you love the most!

Kelly Strohm

Kelly Strohm

Kelly is a wife and mother to 3 wonderful boys. She thoroughly lives the all boy life - even the family dog is a boy! She studied church music in college. During the week she homeschools her boys and on the weekends she does music ministry at church. Jesus, coffee, and grace get her through her outnumbered world.
Kelly Strohm

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