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Somehow we lost our way.


My grandchildren on the kindle. Screen time should be limited for boys (and girls.)

The mystery and excitement we called boyhood got lost in the avalanche of homework, TV, video games, tablets, passive and entertaining toys, and electronics of all types. Even the once fun and wholesome children sports teams have turned into clinics, tryouts, statistics, ratings, traveling teams and mounting pressure.

Good stories and adventure books are all but gone. Replaced with video games filled with unrealistically macho, aggressive, unhappy and revengeful men and equally unrealistically voluptuous, sexy, scantily clad women viewed as objects.

But all hope is not lost.

There is a group of parents that have said “enough!” They are actively taking charge – not of their child’s every second. Rather, just the opposite. They are taking charge in protecting their child from the onslaught of unhealthy, misguided distractions and over scheduled childhoods.

You can take charge too. Decide you want to preserve traditional boyhood by standing in the gap through protecting your son. Some may say that protecting the young only sets them up for failure later on, when they have to partake in the cold, mean, and cruel world. I say the opposite. By slowing down life and preserving traditional boyhood, you are able to teach life lessons, morals and instill an inner compass that will help guide your son through the rough times.


My Niece’s sons and me playing with a wooden toy train. (Picture taken by their sister.)

Here are some suggestions in how you can help your boy enjoy the wonders of being young:

  • Limit screen time.
  • Eliminate video games that present women as objects and men as revengeful, and aggressive for their own glory.
  • Read the great classics and stories to your son (and teach him to read well so he can continue to read the great stories on his own.)
  • Think of “down time” as essential for good health – free choice play and undirected time periods.
  • Provide good, healthy play alternatives to passive and electronic toys. Get your son to build, imagine and role-play.

To this end, a Christian parenting blog I have run since July of 2005, has created three new websites. All “brother” sites aimed at helping parents of boys. – blog to encourage parents of boys in helping their sons recapture classic boyhood – our Amazon affiliate webstore highlighting excellent toys and items for boys – aimed at helping parents and other responsible adults help boys become better readers and find great books to read

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Christian, husband, father, grandfather, and educator who finds it a privilege to blog with his daughter and daughter-in-law. My desire is to support Christian parents and help boys be understood and appreciated.

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