Free Movie Alternatives to Today’s Options

Honestly, some of today’s movies are fun. But others are filled with gratuitous violence, sexual innuendo or worse, and anti-christian themes. So what does a parent do? Believe it or not, there are hundreds of free movies produced over the previous decades that are available free for the viewing on YouTube.

Of course, just because a movie was produced during the last century does not mean it will meet your standards, but many are wholesome, fun and filled with great turns. And, many are adaptations of good “boy literature” such as Old Yeller by Fred Gibson, Treasure Island by¬†Robert Louis Stevenson, Where the Red Fern Grows by¬†Wilson Rawls and more. And there are many movies that are not adapted from literature but mimic the types of stories that are found in more traditional boy’s literature. Some of these movies are very juvenile and perhaps not favorites of parents. Yet, these types of movies are the type of books boys have traditionally read for years. Boy books from several decades ago concentrated on typical boys with extraordinary traits which gave these boys an advantage. Rather that extraordinary powers or magic giving boys an advantage. This shift has always bothered me because I believe boys no longer feel that being a hero is attainable. Continue reading